Monday, August 28, 2006

another day gone by.....

well i am finally feeling a bit on top of things. i left school today about 5:45ish and felt prepared for tomorrow which is a first for me here. it was a nice feeling and i am hoping that as more time passes that i will continue to feel this way. i have afternoon recess duty this week. it is nice to get out of my "cave" to the sunlight. :) i also get to know the kids which is a huge plus as well. :)

for dinner this evening suzy invited me over to her house. she had some chicken from the weekend and then she made rice and these pancake/crepe like things that are korean. they are really yummy....she puts veggies in them and they are my favorite so far. :) she is going to teach me how to make them soon. we then had some cake that her friends had brought over to her. it was good as well.

i am exhausted as i did not sleep very well last night----too much Starbucks. they do not have decaf here so i have been naughty. i am going to get some rest tonight.....i hope. :)

i would love to hear from you all........the in's and out's of your life.....please update me!!!

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