Sunday, August 13, 2006


i was able to hang out with some friends and share dinner this evening. about four of us went over to suzy's apartment for pasta! it was fabulous and loads of fun! we all had good laughs and time together. i have really enjoyed getting to know the people here and forming a new community of friends to fellowship with and laugh with. i still miss all the ones back home, but making new ones to add to the old ones is exciting too. there are pics up on the photo page.

before dinner we had the communion service which was wonderful. it was held in the black box theater and it was great. we had great worship time and a pastor from a local presbyterian church came over to help and speak. he is orignally from the states and i really enjoyed what he shared.

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FantastiKelly said...


the money there is funny, do acually say "eighteen thousand won" or is there some shorter way of saying it? lol about the juice boxes.

The well service was really cool last night, but it wasn't quite the same without you there! With your faithful blogging thought, i almost feel like I'm there with ya...almost!

have a great week!!!