Wednesday, August 23, 2006


i went to a small group Bible study tonight with two of the folks that went to church on sunday--suzy and wyatt. we walked to ewha womens' university which was about a 20-25 minute walk. it was good. we sang some worship songs and then broke into smaller groups. i enjoyed the time there. on the way back we went a slightly different route through e-dei (sp?) which is the area near the university. we stopped at starbucks.........yum! then on the walk back we saw the cutest, smallest puppies ever. there were a couple of kinds in the group of small boxes---some looked like maltese, some like little cocker spaniels, and then some like schnauzers. sooooo precious. they were little rambunctious cuties. whimpering and looking around alert and all. i wanted so badly to take them all home to cuddle and love on them all, but we cannot have dogs on campus. :( i am sure that is good for me. they pups were only 50 thou which was cheap. i am going to say prayers for them to find nice, loving homes. they were so stinkin' cute........pray for the furry friends!

sam and india are doing well and are lovable as ever. india has really become more cuddly. not lap cat yet, but more affectionate for sure.

2 more days until the weekend................yeah! :)

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