Monday, August 07, 2006

sunday & monday

paul left yesterday and as you all can imagine that was tough for us. he has already gotten home and safe in houston. yeah! after he walked down the hill i went to the church service on campus. it was very much what i needed in the moment. the rest of the day i worked in my apartment getting my things sorted out and such. i have made much progress. paul took two of my trunks with him empty. the rest of the trunks have been emptied and are currently hanging out in my entryway awaiting their trip to my storage closet in the next building. i have one left and that has all my school stuff inside waiting to go to my classroom--"the cave". i have not worked in my classroom at all yet. i am trying to get my life and apartment sorted out first. yesterday evening a group of folks walked into sinchon for dinner......we had korean! it was a dish called dak-galbi (i think). it is a spicy chicken dish. it was yummy. there are small round tables that sit about 4-5 people and in the middle there is round skillet type dish. they bring you this large bowl of chicken, rice noodley like things, cabbage, sweet potatoes, etc. then it cooks in the skillet. when it is finished they add noodles like spaghetti to the mix and stir them in. it was great!

after dinner we went for baskin robbins and then walked through different areas. the coolest one was near ehwa womens university. there were tons of shops and lots of cool stuff to look at. i definitely want to go back.

today we had more meetings and i think i also got my internet stuff in the process. the technician should be out on wednesday or thursday! YEAH!!!! pray that this works out for me. i also got to meet my neighbor. she is the director of aquatics. i mentioned that i swam for 10 years and she has instantly recruited me for the swim program. i am excited!!! this afternoon we are headed to costco. i am interested to see what it is like here versus in the states. i have a list of things i need so i hope to get some things while we are there. :)


The Moore Clan said...
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The Moore Clan said...

It sounds like you are getting things together. I can't wait to see pictures of your school and your apartment! I really enjoy reading your blog and hearing about your adventures ~ when do classes start??? Glad to hear that things are going well. Post those photos!! Miss you.