Wednesday, August 16, 2006

and we're off.....

full speed ahead with a new school year. today went rather well. although there are many differences to get accustomed to, they are good changes. it will just take some time to adjust. one of the major changes is just letting the kids go. for instance when it is time for recess you just let them head out the door without you and there are assistants and the principal out there to watch. i do not have any lunch/recess duty until the last week of august. it is wild the amount of freedom, but everyone keeps telling the kids can handle it. it will be great once i get used to it. the other major difference is the amount of planning time. today i had my kids from 8:20ish to 9:30 and then they went to PE, from there to recess, then to computer, then to lunch and back to the classroom at noon. wild stuff! i really think i am going to love it here after adjusting.

my kids are great and the parents i have met so far have been really nice. one dad this morning said "welcome to korea!" to me and that really helped start my day. i know it sounds trivial, but it was nice to hear. the same dad also asked me about phi slamma jamma at UH......i have my id and such on a UH lanyard. i was taken by that b/c not many people will ask about that. it was a good day...........tiring, but good.

i think my kids are going to be a awesome bunch of kids and i am looking forward to sharing my love of learning with them. :)

179 more to go............


Sally said...

Hi Mandy, What a great first day! I'm so glad. I know that you'll have a wonderful year of teaching.

The Moore Clan said...
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The Moore Clan said...

Glad your first day went well! I will be interested to know if you see any differences in the curriculum. What subjects are you teaching? How long is your school day? I would love to hear "a day in the life of" about what your schedule is like.

Have a wonderful rest of your week!

FantastiKelly said...

congrats on a successful first day!
You are gonna rock this school.

love ya!

p.s. me and Erin saw U.S. beating Korea's soccer team on tv the other day. :P phhttt! hehehe.