Friday, September 26, 2008

so much has happened....

things that have happened this month---
  • paul played an open mic here on campus at the coffee was awesome!
  • had back to school night and went techie with it....was able to make all documents and slide shows into pdf files to place on classroom page....woo hoo!
  • tara leigh cobble came to korea as the speaker at our faculty retreat
  • sally, paul's mom, came to visit us. she had a blast and enjoyed her time here.
  • went to gyeongbok palace for the day of chusok for a picnic with paul, sally, and our friends the craigs.....the day was a bit hot, but fabulous.
  • did lots of shopping with sally
  • hurricane ike hit houston....bummer!
  • paul and sally went to the DMZ
  • my high school friend, christina, and her husband, tim, had their triplets on the 18th---wow! gretchen, charles, and michael are here and cute!
  • i turned a whopping 31 years of age...........had a great birthday celebration with friends at our apartment. pasta, salad, and homemade bread with tiramisu for was so yummy! we also played Wii.......laughed my head off playing the ravman: raging rabbids game. wow!
  • my kids had a surprise party for me at school......roses and a donut cake. it was fun!
  • my nephew, josh, turned 13....cannot believe it!

today is friday and i am thankful for that. this week has been tough.....really tired and had a grumpy attitude about school. i am hoping that some rest this weekend and just hanging out will help me to change the outlook.

we have some big decisions to make in the next few weeks. please pray that God will make it clear what we are supposed to do. i have been praying for a big, bright orange and yellow neon sign. :)

the kitties are well. lounging, napping, eating, and snuggling as usual. they have a new "tree" to lounge on thanks to our friends the dornbachs. :)

the weather has cooled down in the last day or two which is nice. i love it and last night we opened all the windows in the house. it was cold, but so cozy lovely. paul and i both love the chilly weather.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

enough to make my day....

i love my kid's honesty. no inhibitions or filters! it is great. so i got my hair done a few weeks ago and the next day i went to school. my kids had the best are two of my favorite....

  • "nice dyes, mrs. f!"
  • "mrs. f, you look like a rock star!"

they are great kids and i really have enjoyed getting to know my kiddos this year. we have a lot of fun and laugh a lot together.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

the intimate details matter to God....

We went to the beach this weekend for the SFS Faculty Retreat. Tara Leigh Cobble was the speaker and it was awesome! Gosh, she is great. Paul and I enjoyed hanging out with her and listening to her rock it. What a great weekend.....I feel like God used TLC to speak to me this weekend. To be more intentional in my relationship with Him. To paraphrase some of the talks by TLC, I need to talk to God, know His voice, and be intimate with Him. He is not just worried about the ultimate, but also He worries about the do I seek Him daily and in all my decisions and thoughts??? Trusting Him is our gift to Him....knowing that even if things seem impossible, that if God wants that for us, He will make it happen. He is like that........He is the "local" in my life that knows everything. I just have to talk to Him and tap into his resources. With all that, I am adjusting the way I look at my life and through how I live......I am going to be sure not to go on auto-pilot, but to actively live with God.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


i cannot believe that it is already september. crazy how the time flies. this week is already hectic for me as i prepare for back to school night on wednesday. there just does not seem to be enough time in the days this week. we have something after school everyday, and they are things i cannot not go to. i was up late last night finishing up the newsletter i make. it is over the top, but i like it and really enjoy doing them. i was quite stressed about it, but paul helped me. i love my husband.....have i mentioned that before?

we had a low key weekend which was nice. one of the highlights was going to see a movie with paul on sunday. he really wanted me to see the dark knight in the theater. i was resistant, but he won. it truly is an amazing film and heath ledger's performance is stellar! if you have not seen it, you must. i highly recommend it.