Sunday, July 30, 2006


Wow....what a great time was had! The party was a huge success. Thanks to all those of you who made it out. It was great to see, visit, and catch up with each one of you! I am so blessed to have friends and family who care about me. Only 2 more errands to run, a few trunks to pack, and 51 and a half hours until I leave for the airport. Crazy! It started to sink in tonight....and in a weird way. I began to realize the immense amount of people and things I will miss about being here in Houston. Paul got out his guitar tonight and I just started to cry. I had the first moment of "wow, I am sooo lucky and I am going to be far away to have this happen more often." :) Thanks for being such awesome friends and family!!!! xoxoxoxo

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

One week.....

This time next week Paul and I will be landing in San Francisco on our way to Seoul. CRAZY!!! It is really hard to believe that it is already that close. I am still packing and this week seems to be really busy with last minute details. I have to make a trip to the grocery store to buy some items that are expensive, different, or not available in Korea. My party is on Saturday and I hope to have the major things completed before we commence the festivities. I am really looking forward to hanging out with all my family and friends. :)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

My wonderful help...

Asleep on the job......again!

Packing is progressing.........


12 days left....

so there are 12 days until i leave......i am feeling anxious, excited, a little overwhelmed, but i keep reminding myself that God is going to take care of everything. that He is in control and i am not. i got my last hepatitis B vaccine before i leave today. it is part of a three shot series and will get the last one in december when i am home for christmas. hep A is the same way but only 2 a month ago and the last one in december. tetanus is good for six more years. now you all know i am a well vaccinated human. :)

packing is progressing slowly. i am realizing as i pack how much junk one human has and it is really alarming. i am reminded of the many people in the old testament who sold all their belongings to follow God. wow, what an amazing act of faith. so why do we insist on hoarding some much stuff? granted some of the stuff is know the stuff that has the sentimental value and reminds us of moments in our lives that we hang on to. so the other stuff still poses the questions of-- "why do i really need this?", "can i live without it?", etc. i know that i can live without it so i am not sure why i am struggling with the decision of whether to take it 7,047 miles around the earth with me. i never realized that a move could stir up so much thought and reflection. i guess that is what happens when faced with arriving in a foreign place with only black trunks, two furry felines, and myself. somedays i just wish i had the courage to just pack the backpack and one trunk with other necessary essentials of reminders of friends and family back home. there is something liberating in the thought of being able to take that big of a risk, but i am not sure if i want to take it.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Sunday, July 16, 2006

India reminiscing the apartment....

She already misses all the rubbermaid storage containers. :(

sam is helping.....

Sam is doing his best to help me pack up my things for Korea....

Then he decides he needs to take a nap from working so hard.

what i will miss most........

hee hee ...... these are paul's Euro sandals that he loves..........

Saturday, July 15, 2006

food, cuisine, grub, sustenance, chow

here is the list of places i have decided i must eat before moving 7,047 miles to korea where the cuisine will be different. there are some western places to eat there but much pricier than the local food. i have decided that i need to adventurous and embrace the new culture, but i am a little worried about some of the food i have seen on web sites and in the travel book i bought..........

  1. niko niko's
  2. la vista
  3. taco bell (chicken cheesy gordita crunches rule!)
  4. chocolate bar
  5. the black walnut cafe
  6. kraftsmen bakery
  7. black labrador
  8. sushi king
  9. chocolate bar
  10. la vista
  11. vincent's
  12. amazon grill
  13. chocolate bar
  14. fuddruckers
  15. korea garden
  16. la vista
  17. earl of sandwich
  18. lupe tortilla
  19. guadalajara
  20. bw3's
  21. la vista
  22. chuy's
  23. freebirds
  24. chocolate bar
  25. paulie's
  26. brasil
  27. empire cafe
  28. james coney island
  29. la vista
  30. hobbit cafe
  31. el pueblito
  32. epicure cafe
  33. dolce vita
  34. chocolate bar
  35. cafe express
  36. pronto

India is thinking about the move...............crate or trunk?

Here are some pics of Sam.....he is getting ready for the big move as well :)


the infamous black trunks that hold my personal effects.....this is only half of them :)

17 days and counting....

So there are 17 days until I move. Lots of things to still do, but the move is offically happening I have an E-ticket for my flight to Seoul and then I also got my visa from the Korean Consulate. I have officially started packing my infamous black trunks with help from my mom and those cool space bags that you attach the vacuum to. Wow! I never imagined I could get so much into one single trunk. The whole move is still kind of surreal, but slowly becoming more and more real to me. I have sold most of my furniture and will have my second garage sale this weekend.