Thursday, April 26, 2007


34 more days of school before summer break!!! the official countdown with my kiddos has started. so this week is crazy with stuff to do. i am currently working on completing yearbook pages which is actually a lot of fun for me. i love taking pics, cropping, and then putting them into publication. it has been a good week with my kids. they have been working hard and earning lots of rewards. i am already beginning to think about next year and what i will do and change. :) the life of a teacher........

on other news i have been going to water aerobics this week. buffie and i are holding each other accountable about going which is good for me. now i just have to eat sensible and less. hoping that i will notice some change.

i cannot believe that i have lived in seoul about 9 months now! it just seems like the other day that i packed up my apartment and my life and moved 7,047 miles around the globe. crazy how time flies. it is really unbelievable. i was thinking on my commute (4 minutes) to school this morning about how surreal it sometimes still feels that i REALLY do live in seoul, south korea which is a foreign place from where i grew up. i guess it has reached a point of normality to me. it is not as foriegn to me anymore. i know how to get around and can most of the time get what i need.

Friday, April 20, 2007


33 days until the next school holiday.
51 days until my mom arrives in korea.
55 days until the last day of school.
58 days until mom and i leave korea for the states and i get to see paul.
61 days until i am back in houston.
86 days until paul and i get married.


makes my job easier to take on in times of distress. i subscribe to this newsletter for educational humor from Education World, one of my favorite teaching websites. each week i get a newsletter with all sorts of humor related to education. well, this week i cannot resist sharing part of it. i had to laugh out loud. :)


REAL HEADLINE--Bush: NCLB Meant to Help, Not Punish Schools--President Bush, acknowledging public frustration over the No Child Left Behind Act, said the point of the law is not to punish struggling schools, but to help them.
FAKE COMMENT--Let’s establish No Corporation Left Behind with the same logic, then. All of a corporation’s employees must make Adequate Yearly Progress toward the same salary (score) that their top employees – their CEOs – achieve. Any corporation whose employees fail to make such progress for three years in a row would be taken over by the government.

REAL HEADLINE--Portables Face Test Under Noise Law Portable classrooms in the Colchester, Connecticut, school district are the first to face scrutiny under the state's new noise standards for classrooms.
FAKE COMMENT--Appropriately, portable boom-boxes are being used to administer the test.

REAL HEADLINE--Students Sue Antiplagiarism Web Site
FAKE COMMENT--Unfortunately, the lawyers representing the students were found to have copied several whole passages in the complaint from other lawyers.

REAL HEADLINE--Principals' Salaries Fall Behind Cost of Living
FAKE COMMENT--Kids being called to the principal’s office being shaken down for lunch money.

REAL HEADLINE--Study: Software No Help for Reading, Math Scores
FAKE COMMENT--Software being tested was “Spore.”

REAL HEADLINE--Students Get Laptops Instead of Books
FAKE COMMENT--Have to be reminded for first three weeks not to write on screen.

REAL HEADLINE--NCLB Taxing Testing Companies
FAKE COMMENT--But only at the extremely low capital gains rate.

taken from:
Education World®

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

quote to make you think.....

loving it.....

"You can't understand light unless you understand darkness, because that's where life is most often lived…somewhere between the two. It's messy and it's beautiful all at the same time." - Bebo Norman

currently reading....

traveling mercies by anne lamott

i know it has been a while since i last posted....

not much has been going on since i got back from san fran. lots of has been busy. we had reports due last week and so that consumed time. i was trying to "get ahead" in the classroom stuff, but i have decided that is an oxymoronic phrase.

oooooohhhhhhh.......i did get to go to an experience that was phenomenal. i went with friends from school to see cirque du soleil. i saw the show called "quidam". it was amazing! i sat at the edge of my seat and up straight the entire show waiting to see what was next. the costumes, the music, the acts, the story line.......every aspect is thought out and performed seamlessly. my friend sarah described it well when she said she is in awe like a child when she is there. i completely just cannot get enough. i recommend seeing one of the shows if you can. it is live art.....just incredible!

only 87 more days until i get married.......crazy! i am excited and ready for it to be here. at the same time i am nervous which i am sure is normal. we registered at bed, bath & beyond and crate and barrel. every now and then i go to look at the list, shop, and add things. it is fun! what was even more exciting was that when i was goofing around one day shopping i realized that more stuff had been purchased which is fun! it is really happening. i am currently in "invite" mode. i recruited a friend to help me with the design of the invite because it was causing stress for me. my goal is to post them to the U.S. on may 1 or close. :) pray that i can make it happen!

i have been sick for 8 days now with sinus yuck. it all started with a sore throat that continued into nasal congestion and then the drainage went to my chest. i thought for sure it would be over and done with by now, but no. i was out of school thursday and friday last week and monday this week. i went to the doctor on friday afternoon and got some meds, but they made me feel bad so i have been taking them as needed. i rested and rested and thought i could go back on tuesday. lunch time i was horrible. so dr. sarah (my friend) insisted that i stay home today too to rest since we have parent conferences thursday and friday this week. ugh! it comes in waves....i will feel better and then all of a sudden i am feeling yuck. then i just feel really tired and run down on top of dealing with the congestion and coughing. please pray that i get better soon. i am tired of resting, bored of being at home, and just want to go back to school to be with my kids.

since i have been at home so much lately i have been cuddling with sam and india much more. i think they really love it too. they are soo cute! i have discovered a few things mention worthy----without fail every morning at 6ish they want to eat. i think they have a conspiracy going because sam meows and paws at my face and india attacks my feet. it is quite an effort to wake me up. sam also likes to eat toilet paper now?!?! i discovered this when i had a roll on the night stand to use as needed to blow my nose. i woke up one night to him tearing it apart and eating it. so i stuffed it in one of the drawers on my night stand. then he also started attacking the "used" tissues too. silly cat! so now i have to hid the tissues....both new and used. :) india has discovered that she can get on top of the refridgerator. then she entertains herself by trying to get the magnets off with her paws until they fall to the floor and she can play with them. there are moments i feel like i live with two small toddlers. :) they are crazy. india loves going to bed. she knows when i am headed that way and runs ahead of me to get in the bed. once there she meows and walks in circles insisting that i get into the bed. she lets me get situated and then snuggles up for some love to go to sleep. they are soo precious!

papa john's delivers, thank goodness, and dinner has just arrived. :) yum yum! saturday morning i begin "eating sensible". :)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

hanging out at home......

this week has been pretty good so far. school has gone better than expected. today after school i had no meetings or other things going on so i got some things done and then came home to hang out. i was starving so i had some chili. i watched the pilot episode of west wing by paul's recommendation. good times! now i am watching one of my favorite movies, you've got mail. i love this movie! i would love to own a small, independent children's bookstore. that would be awesome! i have already come up with a few names for the shop. i could totally see that happening in one of the little towns in california that i visited over my spring break. :) someday maybe i can actually make it happen.

i love just hanging out! my apartment is so warm and cozy. i have been tempted to take a nap since i have been home, but i am resisting so that i can sleep well tonight. :)

i rearranged the furniture in my living room before the holiday. i did it to possibly accomodate a TV at some point, but the verdict is still out on that one. i really do like it though as when i sit on my couch i look out into the tree area out my dining room window. it is peaceful!

Monday, April 02, 2007

it's monday morning.....

i slept well last night considering i slept most of the flight. the flight just stunk. i was uncomfortable the whole time and there was also lots of turbulence. yuk. i was very ready to get off the plane when i got to seoul.

i am awake, had breakfast, sitting and being quiet while i sip a cup of java before getting ready for school. the last few days have been tough emotionally. it could be hormones making me more sensitive, but i also have just struggled be postitive.

i was really glad to get home and see my kitties last night. i love them so! they are so precious and have been really loving since i arrived home. :) i also gave them their presents last night and the rattle one is a hit! :)

i pray that today will not be torturous and will go well.