Monday, April 02, 2007

it's monday morning.....

i slept well last night considering i slept most of the flight. the flight just stunk. i was uncomfortable the whole time and there was also lots of turbulence. yuk. i was very ready to get off the plane when i got to seoul.

i am awake, had breakfast, sitting and being quiet while i sip a cup of java before getting ready for school. the last few days have been tough emotionally. it could be hormones making me more sensitive, but i also have just struggled be postitive.

i was really glad to get home and see my kitties last night. i love them so! they are so precious and have been really loving since i arrived home. :) i also gave them their presents last night and the rattle one is a hit! :)

i pray that today will not be torturous and will go well.

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