Thursday, May 08, 2008

interesting news....

each day i have this routine that i go through usually while eating breakfast. i get online to check emails and then check friend's blogs. the last stop i make on the web is to google news. i figure i get all the top articles from many resources all on one space. it is really interesting to check out, if just for the headlines. today i was checking google news in the evening before dinner and saw this headline that caught my eye, "platypus looks strange on the inside, too." i had a look and learned some really interesting facts about this peculiar animal. paul and i saw some while in australia at the wildlife sanctuary, but weren't that interested then. i do have to say that today's article really piques my interest to learn more about this animal that stumps many scientists.


Saturday, May 03, 2008

change of summer plans

here is the new plans for the summer for is still a little tentative as i am waiting for a new e-ticket from the travel agent confirming dates.

june 30th--paul and i leave korea for the states and arrive in san fracisco, california
july 8th--i fly to houston to hang out for the rest of the break
july 21st-ish--paul flies to houston to hang out
august 5th--paul and i leave for the return trip to korea

just wanted to keep everyone in the know about the dates we will be around. we are both looking forward to seeing family and friends while we are home. :)