Tuesday, April 03, 2007

hanging out at home......

this week has been pretty good so far. school has gone better than expected. today after school i had no meetings or other things going on so i got some things done and then came home to hang out. i was starving so i had some chili. i watched the pilot episode of west wing by paul's recommendation. good times! now i am watching one of my favorite movies, you've got mail. i love this movie! i would love to own a small, independent children's bookstore. that would be awesome! i have already come up with a few names for the shop. i could totally see that happening in one of the little towns in california that i visited over my spring break. :) someday maybe i can actually make it happen.

i love just hanging out! my apartment is so warm and cozy. i have been tempted to take a nap since i have been home, but i am resisting so that i can sleep well tonight. :)

i rearranged the furniture in my living room before the holiday. i did it to possibly accomodate a TV at some point, but the verdict is still out on that one. i really do like it though as when i sit on my couch i look out into the tree area out my dining room window. it is peaceful!

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