Saturday, July 15, 2006

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here is the list of places i have decided i must eat before moving 7,047 miles to korea where the cuisine will be different. there are some western places to eat there but much pricier than the local food. i have decided that i need to adventurous and embrace the new culture, but i am a little worried about some of the food i have seen on web sites and in the travel book i bought..........

  1. niko niko's
  2. la vista
  3. taco bell (chicken cheesy gordita crunches rule!)
  4. chocolate bar
  5. the black walnut cafe
  6. kraftsmen bakery
  7. black labrador
  8. sushi king
  9. chocolate bar
  10. la vista
  11. vincent's
  12. amazon grill
  13. chocolate bar
  14. fuddruckers
  15. korea garden
  16. la vista
  17. earl of sandwich
  18. lupe tortilla
  19. guadalajara
  20. bw3's
  21. la vista
  22. chuy's
  23. freebirds
  24. chocolate bar
  25. paulie's
  26. brasil
  27. empire cafe
  28. james coney island
  29. la vista
  30. hobbit cafe
  31. el pueblito
  32. epicure cafe
  33. dolce vita
  34. chocolate bar
  35. cafe express
  36. pronto

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