Sunday, September 07, 2008

the intimate details matter to God....

We went to the beach this weekend for the SFS Faculty Retreat. Tara Leigh Cobble was the speaker and it was awesome! Gosh, she is great. Paul and I enjoyed hanging out with her and listening to her rock it. What a great weekend.....I feel like God used TLC to speak to me this weekend. To be more intentional in my relationship with Him. To paraphrase some of the talks by TLC, I need to talk to God, know His voice, and be intimate with Him. He is not just worried about the ultimate, but also He worries about the do I seek Him daily and in all my decisions and thoughts??? Trusting Him is our gift to Him....knowing that even if things seem impossible, that if God wants that for us, He will make it happen. He is like that........He is the "local" in my life that knows everything. I just have to talk to Him and tap into his resources. With all that, I am adjusting the way I look at my life and through how I live......I am going to be sure not to go on auto-pilot, but to actively live with God.

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