Saturday, August 12, 2006

let me see

i cannot believe i have not posted a thing since thursday. it feels like that was ions ago. :) yesterday was a great day......the whole staff was back here at the school. i was able to work in my classroom and make some furniture moves. it stll feels a bit institutional but i move the beginning of october!!! i went to costco yesterday evening as well so that was good.

today i went to to itaewon with two friends from my building. we went to a few shops and met the shop owner which is really important in the korean culture. then we went to go get a manicure and much fun!!! only 32,000 won for both!!! :) after our girly time we went to this great pottery it!!! it was amazing. this afternoon there was a campus picnic. it was fun we had hot dogs with sausages and all sorts of sides and deserts. tonight there was a group of folks went out to itaewon again. it was nice to hang out with other folks and be able to visit. :)

tomorrow i am headed to church and then going to rest. then in the afternoon we have a communion service on campus. it should be a good day!

hope to hear from you all soon! please fill me in on what is going on in your lives~

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Diana said...

Glad to see that things are going well. Glad to hear that you have meet some people to hang with. What are you buying at Costco. Have a good Sunday.