Thursday, August 10, 2006

parking the car

tonight for girls nite out we drove to sinchon. before i had just walked but since there was a large group and people willing to drive we took a car and a school van. well parking is an issue. we turned down this very skinny alley to come to this driveway type area. the car was in front of us. since things here in korea are kind of tight they usually build up....well that includes parking garages. so here is the pictorial story of what happens:

the car pulls onto the rotating area noted by the yellow circle on the ground and the man pushes a button to rotate the car to face the garage.

once the car is in the correct position the car elevator door opens...

and the car pulls in. I do not know what happens after this as I was in the van that got to park just to the right in the picture along the wall. The van was too big for the car elevator. WAY FUN new stuff in korea!

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