Tuesday, August 08, 2006


costco was busy! it is much like the ones back home just lots more people. they have the coolest escalators though. you take your shopping cart on the escalator with you and the wheels are magnets that stick to the ramp like floor. it is wild. even though your basket may be loaded down it does not budge once on the escalator. it was cool! i ended up shopping with another girl so that we could split things. i was exhausted physically and mentally afterward.

yesterday evening i was able to visit with some of the other folks that are returning who live in my building. my neighbor, buffie, is the aquatics director and further down is isabel, the curriculum corrdinator. both are great ladies!!! we had fun visiting and learning about each other.

today has been more meetings and such. all the curriculum standards and such are located online which is good. we have been learning about what is there and how to use the program. i still have not really worked in my classroom at all. i went in today to look for a computer which i don't have yet.

at 4pm we are taking another group trip to a used furniture market and a traditional open market nearby.

i plan to upload more pics soon! the internet guy is supposed to come by tomorrow!!! :)


Diana said...

Glad to hear that you went to the Costco. What were the prices like. The escalator sounds interesting. What did you buy at costco.

Diana said...
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