Sunday, August 27, 2006

tis already over....

it is hard to believe that once again the weekend is already over. it has been good though. productive, restful, and full of fellowship.

i was really glad for it to be friday....the first full week of school and it was busy. friday was also our first payday......yeah! friday night the new teachers had to put on a skit for our penpals and other folks from school. that went really well. afterwards the school took us out for bulgogi, which is traditional korean food. although the place was really, really busy the food was ok. we also had bibimbap (a rice dish) which was good. i sat with new friends and got to know some folks more which included my penpal, christy. the evening was followed by a long wait on the curb for the school bus to take us back to campus. once back at SFS, i went home and called it a night. i was exhausted and went to bed at 9ish.

saturday began with a trip to costco with some other folks. i needed a few things and also had some requests from buffie to pick up some dried blueberries. :) wyatt, suzy, kelly, and nate went on this trip. the highlight of the trip for me was finding the special k red berries cereal which is my favorite!!! woo hoo!!!! then i got home and still needed to get some cat food so i went for a scooter ride with my neighbor sarah down to the local neighborhood grocery store, sahruga. we ordered sandwiches at this little shop across the way and went to the store while she prepared them. fun fun fun! the sandwiches were really good........i am definitely going back to this place. :) cafe dough is the name. yummy! i took a two and a half hour nap after lunch and then piddled around my apartment. it had started to ran pretty hard while i was sleeping which made the nap so nice. :) i then learned of another group that was headed to Tesco, very similiar to Target. i went along on this trip as well. i know it may sound as if all i have done is shop, but more than that it is a chance to get off the school hill and get out around town. you take when you can. both costco and tesco are easier to get to with a car and i do not have a korean license so when other folks invite you go along. at tesco, i bought a small rice cooker which suzy is going to give me proper instructions on how to use. i also got some other little things i needed. i did buy the first season of friends on DVD so i can watch something when i need a giggle or two. yeah! in addition i purchased a new litter box for my cats that has the lid/house thing on top. 40,000 won!!!!!!!!! the friends DVD was cheaper than the litter box.........i could not believe it. i would have continued to use the old one but they had been slinging litter all over the floor. :) at the end of shopping we treated ourselves to chocolate milkshakes and large fries from mcdonald's which is inside tesco. it was good. this is the first time i had eaten mcdonald's in korea.

this morning i ventured out to church---onnuri. the same place as last week that i felt so great about. the group grew this week by two people which made for a fun time! we walk to the subway and on the way grab a starbucks on the way!!!! :) the service was amazing again this week. i cannot believe how connected i feel when i am there. the music and the message are really good. WOW! i went to the visitors table this week to get more information and to fill out contact infomation. i am anxious to find ways to get involved more there in the community. i also saw two of my students there which was great! how nice it is to attend church somewhere they are also going. it was really a great feeling. i had my first korean snack today---it is like a pancake/pita with honey like stuff inside. it was really good and cheap too! i do not know what they are called, but they are really tasty!!! mmmmmmm............

we ate lunch in the area near ewha womens university. we had korean and i ordered my lunch today with suzy's korean tutoring right before. :) it was fun!!! it was fried rice with veggies and chicken then an egg on top. it was good and very filling.

after lunch suzy and i went shopping in the area near the university. we had a good time shopping even though i was not really able to do much shopping. suzy is a little korean girl from england and she is considered pretty average here in korea. she said that she thinks she wears about 1 or a 2 in US sizes for pants. as you can imagine with this bit of information i and the average american woman are considered large. most of the time i have heard if i were to walk into a shap that say "no lar-gee" and redirect you out of their shop. it is quite frustrating. today since i was with suzy, they did not say anything to me. i would have never gone into a shop without her to divert the sales folks. :) most places do not even carry clothes above a size 4 or 6. i found an american apparel today and was quite excited about it. we went in and suzy asked if they had any larger sizes in womens. only small and mediums..........ugh! that is ok though i realize that i do not need to shop for clothes here. i can have some things made if i need something in particular. we went to the hyundai department store which reminds me a lot of foley's. it was good....i did try on a pair of low top converse sneakers but they were too big. it was fun to walk around and see what all they had there.

we met for deok-galbi this evening as we have been doing each sunday since i have been here. it was yummy! after dinner, we went just a couple doors down to baskin robbins. good stuff!!!

i am at home reflecting on my weekend and trying to get to bed early. :)

i have added many pics from the weekend to the photo link, so be sure to check it out!!! :)

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