Wednesday, August 09, 2006

plants, plants, and more plants

yesterday instead of going to the used furniture store and open market i opted to go with a group to the plant market! shelly, you should be so proud!!! :) it was a little ways from the school, but it was cool! i got some little plants whose pictures are below. i thought it would give something to take care of and make my apartment more homey. :) it was REALLY hot at the market. there are 2 plant places across the street from each other and then next door to one of them is a large place with lots of pots for your plants. the guy is nice and works hard. the prices were reasonable too. now i just have to keep them alive. :)


Sally said...

Your apartment, from the background in the photos, looks lovely and the plants are a pretty touch. Very nice. Sally

Diana said...

Your plants look wonderful. Love the containers and arrangement. It looks like it is getting more homie. Mom