Wednesday, August 23, 2006

it's hump day.....yeah for wednesday

so this week is half over already....the time is really flying. monday at school was a typical monday. i was a bit stressed out in the afternoon, but it has gotten better. monday night a group of us went over to suzy's house for dinner. she is from the UK, but korean too. she made some fantastic Korean food!!! Rice, pancake things, stir fried veggies......yummy!!!!

Tuesday was better, but it seemed really long. our kids had a lot of specials on this day and it made for lots of walking across campus. after school we had our first faculty meeting and that went well. one of the kindergarten teachers has the scrubs seasons here with her------YEAH! she has season 2 & 3.....thank goodness for Sara. I ate dinner ate my neighbors house---salmon, rice, broccoli, and salad. it was really yummy. was good. for some reason i am really tired. i got a good nights sleep last night, but i am just wiped. i am going to a small group Bible study tonight with the folks i went to church with on sunday. i am quite excited. school is getting better each day and i seem to figure out a bit more each day.

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