Tuesday, August 15, 2006

tomorrow is the day...

school begins!!! the last two days have been full of work! i was at my classroom until after 8pm both nights preparing for the first days. :) it has been tough, but well worth it. i have come to the conclusion that i work best under pressure and with a deadline. not the healthiest observation, but i am aware of it which is sometimes half the battle.

today we had new student orientation so all the kids that are brand new to SFS come to meet the principal, counselor, find the classroom, and meet the teacher. it was only about 45 minutes total so it was quick. i have 7 new students. they were great to meet and the parents were nice as well. it should be a great year! i spent the rest of the afternoon getting the classroom ready as much as i can. there are still things that need to be tweeked here and there, but i also want my kids help so they can have a sense of ownership of our classroom.

i bought my first round of SFS spirit stuff today. i got 2 t-shirts and they are cool. i cannot wait to wear them! :)

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The Moore Clan said...

Good Luck tomorrow!!! Let us know how it goes!