Thursday, August 24, 2006


today was a good day! my kids went to the library today which is always a joy to me. i love to share my love and excitement for reading with my kiddos. i have already befriended the librarians which is a nice plus too! i had my first taste of teaching religion to 4th graders. that was very foreign feeling at first just because i would be in big trouble back home for doing just that. it was interesting and definitely something that i will have to pray for more guidance on. i feel such a sense of responsibility. the curriculum for 4th grade religion is the old testament. it was a busy afternoon after school. i came home early and rested a bit then paul was a lifesaver and helped me get together a CD of audio tracks for the new teacher skit which is tomorrow night. thank God for paul and his amazingness with computers! i just ate dinner----another cheese quesadilla. yum! i am getting low on my tortillas and feel as if i should ration them. i have already begun my shopping list for when i am home at christmas holiday. :) well i am readin a fantastic book at the moment---To Own a Dragon by Donald Miller. i completely recommend it. a great read and just really insightful! i do not have a TV here which no real surprise to any of you i am sure. so instead i read and toodle around on the computer. :) good read!

i am thankful tomorrow is friday! each day seems to bring a bit more organization to my brain in the arena of school which is a great thing. i look forward to my kids and the conversations i have with them. the weather is still hot and sticky here. hoping it will cool off soon...........

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FantastiKelly said...

you go girl! ALmost through another week! I'm so proud of you - you are just powering through! Jacqueline was asking about you again on Monday, and wanted me to tell you the same, that you are so courageous and she is proud of you, and that she's sure all that Korean food and walking around will be great for you! :)
Love ya!!