Sunday, August 13, 2006

iris sized green onions...

today has been a restful day! i went to church this morning at seoul union church. here is the link to the church website: it is about 15 minutes or so from school and many teachers attend church there. it is a small church and the pastor is from ghana. it was nice. they had a worship band---two guitars, piano, and two other folks singing. they sang familiar songs to me which was nice.

after church i ran to costco with the gaylords. they had to fix a phone card issue, so i just went along for the ride. they are great folks whose company i enjoy very much. john is my principal and his wife, lynn, is the AP at the high school. they are wonderful!

when i got home i talked to paul via the computer....yeah!!! then i fixed myself some cheese quesadillas for lunch....yummy! thank goodness i brought whole wheat tortillas from central market with me. they have been a lifesaver!!! i might need to recruit a supplier back home to send me more when i get low. :) i took about a 45 minute nap. this has been a sunday after church ritual since paul and i started dating. even though i am 7,047 miles away i still want my afternoon nap on sunday!!! :) i met my friend jenny at the guard pagoda near the gate of the school to make a trip to the grocery store---sharuga (sair-a-gu). we walked to the store.....our first adventure out without someone who has been here. jenny is new like me. we walked the entire store and bought the stuff we needed. we got a taxi home and it cost each of us 1,000won which is basically a dollar each. what a bargain and we did not have to hike back up the hill with our groceries. YEAH!

while we were shopping jenny and i could not believe the large green onions here......"they are the size of irises!!" to quote jenny. it was funny!!!

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