Monday, September 04, 2006

Last week

I cannot believe that it has been a week since I have updated my blog. Sorry to those of you who are avid readers.

Last week seem to fly by and there were lots of things to do. Tuesday I had dinner with Sarah and Buffie. Sarah made burritos and they were really yummy! Wednesday I ate dinner at home and tried to get some much needed rest........I have become an expert napper since I arrived here. I watched some more episodes of Friends. So funny! I cannot believe I didn't watch it on TV at all, but that goes back to my not owning a TV I am sure. It has been great to laugh and chuckle. I have been lloving getting to know the characters from the beginning.......I never knew Rachel's whole story about her being attached to her parents financially. Great stuff. Thursday night I had an invite to go eat at my pen pal's house for dinner. Her name is Christy and she is an awesome cook. She supposedly just "whipped something together"......right. It was a pampered chef recipe and it was really good. She made a chicken, broccoli and cheese like stuffing and then wrapped in all in homemade croissant bread. WOW! So yummy! I was able to visit with her and her husband which was really nice to get to know them better and have good conversation.

Thank God for the people who are here at SFS that have just been really great about creating time to get know each other and fellowship with others. :) Yeah!!!

School is going well. My kids are great and the routines are getting better with each new day. I have volunteered to help with the elementary swim squad on Friday afternoons. I am excited about this and hope to get to know some kids better. On Thursdays I am co-leading a discipleship group of 9th grade girls. I hoping that God will help me grow as a leader and be more confortable with hanging out with high school kids and talking about God with them. :) We have Back to School Night on Thursday and I am busily trying to prepare for this night of excitement. I am hoping it goes well and I would ask that you pray for Back to School Night and that all goes smoothly.

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The Moore Clan said...

Yeah - an update!! I am one of those avid readers that you referred to in your blog and was happy to see your update. Glad to hear that all is going well and I will be praying for you and thinking about you for Back to School night this week. I know I owe you an email update and I promise one is coming soon! Miss you!