Wednesday, September 06, 2006

first clothing related purchase

this evening suzy invited to me to go shopping with her in Edae (near the women's university). it was fun.....suzy bought a new outfit which is really cute by the way. then we walked over to the hyundai department store (foley's like store). suzy did some shoe shopping and found a great pair. they had to order the right size, so she has to go back in a week. we then got to have a sweet treat of hot-daughk (i have no clue if i have spelled it correctly). yummy! we walked around the sinchon area just poking our heads in and out. i made my first purchase which was this cool gray hat. love it and it was only 10,000 won. i will have to take a picture in it. so to answer your question which i know you are wondering-----Korean people's heads are the same size as Americans. :) good times!

after the shopping suzy and i went into this little Korean restaurant.....not far from the dak-galbi place we go on sunday. suzy had to read me the options and then i narrowed them down for her and let her pick. i had spicy seasoned pork with rice. it was good, just pretty spicy. we also had some fried mandu. yum! dinner was really cheap---oonly 10,000 for both of us. yeah!!!

just around the way from dinner was this little Korean lady selling flowers out of a pseudo kind of shop. her little place was the size of a large closet and her flowers were in buckets just outside the door. she was really nice and i got a nice bunch of small, light yellow little daisies. they are really cute! i also got a pedicure tonight to get ready for back to school night tomorrow. it was not the best one i have ever had and i won't go back to that shop, but whatever. suzy and i had fun making small talk with each other.

tomorrow is back to school night so i would ask that you think of me and say a prayer. i am anxious a little.......i think just the newness and meeting parents and all.

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Diana Foster said...

Nice to know that they have the same size heads. Prayers for parents nite. Love Diana