Wednesday, September 13, 2006

wonderful wednesday...

today was a great day! my kids and i were able to be productive and get lots done. we had been working on a few assignments and they were able to catch up on those today. we have our first math test tomorrow. i have been really good about communicating with parents this year. i have been really proud of myself. we use an online server like deal to communicate with parents so that makes it really easy. i can log in and shoot all my parents an email to inform them of what is going on. so nice! i created a study guide for the math test too which i put on edline for the parents to use with their kids. :) yeah for school going well. we have been talking about HOPE during devotion time and referencing the verse jeremiah----jeremiah 29:11. we have had some really good conversations about it. i have been really amazed. then i got an idea from another teacher for the kids to create acrostic poems with the word hope. i have been in awe of how insightful and creative they are. i have had some really deep poems. wow! go God!

after school i tutor a 6th grader from the british school. it is nice to get to work with him. his name is jake. we are working on writing. :)

then i came home and rested for a bit before heading back out to do some visiting. i went by the mills' home (where i played yesterday) to share some facts and information about cicadas. there are tons here and isaac (he is 5 yrs) has been really fascinated with them. they do not have them in england. he had collected the exoskeleton of one off a tree and thought it was dead. i explained what it was and that the part he had was just the outer shell. so today i printed off some information about the cicada from yahooligans. he was thrilled when i showed him the pictures and the papers. he will soon be an "expert" on them. :) i then went to visit my good friends the dornbachs. i have mentioned them before and you have seen pics of them on the photo page. i laugh so much at their house such a joy to hang out with them.

i came home to have suzy drop by. i made myself a quesadilla........yum! she had already eaten, but i was cleaning out my veggies and had some potatoes that i needed to use. she volunteered to make "chips" (french fries) with them in the oven. they were awesome and it was great to hang out with her. we have been able to share and be more real with one another which is a blessing. she also assisted me in making a salad and a sandwich for my lunch tomorrow. yeah for friends! thanks God!

sam and i are now chilling on the couch............i am going to spend the rest of the evening loving on sam and india and snuggling. maybe the three of us will watch some friends episodes.....i am almost finished with season one. mmmmmmmmmm......then what?!??!?!

FYI----down to only 2 more whole wheat flour tortillas!!!!!!!! cannot wait to come home for some more...........................

also, costco does not have anymore special k red berries.......thank God i got some when i did.

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