Tuesday, September 05, 2006

deep thoughts about Friends

I have now watched half of the first season of Friends. I am really having a great time and laughing lots. Each time I watch I see myself more and more in Phoebe. Her earthy, natural, artsy personality reminds me of myself. Although I do not say as many random things as she does I think I most relate with her. All of you might think I do say lots of random things....I have no idea. Good times are had when watching Friends! I even tried my skills at guitar Saturday at the beach and I really felt like Phoebe then. My guitar skills are limited.....very limited! :)

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The Moore Clan said...


Glad you are enjoying Friends ... we have all 10 seasons and we loved watching all of them. Since we have seen them all now, we often randomly pick a season to watch a couple of episodes when we just want some laughs. I really liked watching all of the shows without commercials in order. Enjoy!!