Thursday, September 07, 2006

being thankful.......

today made for an interesting day. i was homesick today....i wish i could see and hang out with my family and friends. i did get to IM with paul which was nice and comforting. i think the stress of Back to School Night made the day a bit hard. i was prepared and everything was in place so i am not sure what all the havoc was about.

after school today i had a really close call. i was cutting paper on the paper cutter when all of a sudden i pulled the cutting part down on my finger full strength. i hit my left pointer finger with the blade. it hit on nail and i instantly was in pain. i closed the cutter, shut my classroom door, held my hand above my head and walked calmly to the nurse's office in the elementary building. OUCH! i did not bleed but i know have a big, nasty looking bruise on my nail and finger. Nurse Ko tells me that i am really lucky that is did not cut off part of my finger. i have been told in the past that i have really strong nails, so i am thankful for that otherwise i would have had to go to the ER. it does hurt and it throbs regularly. i have had ice on it all evening. i chunked the ice right before parent night.....figured that might look weird. i am going to lose my nail i am sure which is never fun! ugh!

after my injury i had to go to discipleship. this is the group of 9th grade girls that i have chosen to lead with another teacher every thursday afternoon from 4-5pm. it was great to see them even though i was wiping tears from my near finger loss experience. we had great conversation and great time of prayer! i felt better after hanging out with them today! i pray that the group will become a safe place for the girls to exploe their faith and a relationship with each other as well as God.

Back to School Night went really well. i had all but 2 parents show up. it was great to meet them all and share with them my goals and expectations for the year. it was a very positive experience and it was good. i was able to visit with some of the parents which was really nice. thanks for your prayers about this for me. they worked!


Diana Foster said...

I am glad that evey thing went well. Hope that your finger is doing better. You are lucky. Prayers really do work. Love, Mom

Sally said...

Whoooo! Your finger story gave me the ying yangs. I'm so sorry. But so happy you had the encouraging discipleship class to go to afterwards. And so glad the parent night was such a success. PTL!

FantastiKelly said...

ew! so sorry to hear about the bad-finger-paper-cutter experience! yikes!

I miss ya and hearing your crazy stories in person!

Just lean on God through your home-sickness, cause He's with you wherever you go and we're all one in Him, so we're all never really apart.


Christina said...
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Christina said...

Okay...I'm officially caught up! For the past few days that i've tried, I haven't been able to access your blog. Who knows.... Do I get a shout-out for the Special K red berries? I'm still eating a huge box every week!
Your activities sound so exciting, and truly give me the itch to go to asia again (especially knowing the special k is there. ha!!) I'm so glad that your fingers are all in one piece. People just don't understand the dangers associated with teaching :) Homesickness isn't fun...but stay strong, stay focused on the Word, and stay busy! Soon, Korea will start to feel like home...and just think...chances are probably that you are having a more adventurous time than any of us! Hope to talk to you soon! LOVE YOU!

-one last thing...did I just have to sign up for a blog in order to publish?? If so, I think I now have a blog. Don't try to find it. It will be blank. This whole world is crazy.