Wednesday, September 27, 2006

another day.......

chu-sok is fast approaching and i am ready for the holiday. it is korean thanksgiving so many people leave town to go visit family members. i have heard seoul quiets down and it is a good time to get out and explore. that is my plan next week---explore! friday is my last day in "the cave" as i get to move into my new classroom on monday. yeah for new classrooms! the room is really nice and there are windows along an entire wall.......something new for me. i cannot wait to have plants and such in my room and they will grow and create ambiance. i have already got my floor plan on paper and handed in so that they know where to put my stuff.

tonight i went to sinchon with suzy. she had to buy wyatt a gift and wanted some company. we had korean for dinner which was not that great. i should have stuck with gut and got the corn-dog like thing i have had before. good and cheap! tonight i had a fried rice kind of dish that was ok, but not my favorite at all. oh well............ i bought one of those oil warmer deals at a shop and then we bought the oils at a different shop b/c they were cheaper. i charged up more minutes on my cell phone. :) i have to charge it with 10,000 won each month or i lose my number. it is a pay-as-you-go phone. it works well........

today was ok......the kids are squirrely for the holiday. i am not sure who is more excited me or them. today we had the "see you at the pole" celebration. it became big in texas (where it started) in the 90's and now has become an internationally wide event. we all met on the field and had a time of prayer for the world, the nation of Korea, SFS, and our families and friends. it was really nice. the theme verse for this year was psalm 46:10---"Be still and know that I am the Lord. I will exalted among all the nations". My kids and I talked about what that meant and read the same verse from different translations. Each day we brainstormed a list of things to pray about for the world, Korea, SFS, and our friends and families. they made a list and wrote a prayer on their paper. today when we went out they have something to read and pray from. it was good. the weather was cool this morning and made for a nice time out on the field.

now i am working on responding to my student's reading journals. i am a bit behind since i wa out yesterday. ugh! sometimes it is more work to be out than just to go. oh well, i am in good company---sam and india. listening to some good tunes---david crowder band and delirious!

check out the praise music of hillsong. onnuri, my church here, uses many songs from them to use in worship. good stuff!!! :)

phrase of the past few weeks--------earnestly seek God!


Diana Foster said...

Thanks for the insight on meeting at the flag pole. KSBK has not been coming in very clear and found out their tower was hit by lighting so it had not been clear but today I got it clear and they were talking about meeting at the pole and had people call in. They had some good stories. I am glad it went well. Lots of love, Mom

FantastiKelly said...

that is so cool that you all do SYATP! I got a bracelet for it from Angela, our children's minister here at the church, and Matt led the service at Grace school!

Hope your new room is awesome!!!

Love ya