Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Last weekend......

sorry for such a delay...........please forgive me.

let's see last friday i had swim squad with elementary kids right after school and it was great! i had the beginner group and it felt really awesome to be back in the swimming realm. we had a great time and they worked really hard. i cannot wait to see them again this friday. i am really glad that i signed up to help with this. :)

after swim squad my principal invited the ES staff over for pizza at his house which was nice. i never knew people put corn on pizza.......koreans do. then a group of us went out bowling which was really fun. we played two games and it is just like bowling back in the states. i scored a 63 the first game and a 108 the second. not bad since i have not bowled in ages. we laughed a lot which was nice. then i headed home as i was tired. the week had worn me out.

saturday my friend helen and i went on a tour to chungju lake which was about a two and a half hour bus ride southeast of seoul. it was free tour put on by seoul selection, an organization that caters to foreigners. we rode down then got on a ferry to go across the lake. we ate lunch at this little house place that was fantastic! i loved the food. we had bibimbap, a rice dish. it was very authentic as we had to take off our shoes and sit on little woven bamboo mats at the table that was short to the ground. good fun! after lunch, we went to a traditional korean like village that is now a historical site. there were lots of llittle buildings and such. we heard traditional korean music under a gorgeous painted roof of a pavillion. the colors in the roof were beautiful. the weather was a bit damp and cool, but tolerable. it was a nice day. i did not get back to school until 9:20ish on saturday night and began the day at five to seven am. i was tired, so i came home to cuddle with my kitties and watch friends. yeah!

sunday i got up and went to church----had my sunday traditions of starbucks on the way and hot dawk after. yummy! church was good. i learned a new song titled--"majesty". it was good. i found out monday afternoon that i actually have the song on my computer and the version i have is by delirious!. small world. sunday afternoon i spent napping and watching friends. resting. then as usual a group went for dak-galbi. yeah!

i am in the process of pictures. i promise to not be too tardy. patience please!


Diana Foster said...

Glad you like that song as it is one I like also. Sounds like you are keeping busy. Love, Mom

Sally said...

Hi Mandy,
It's always fun to read your news. Sounds like you've been busy and doing fun things...treating yourself well. Yeh! FYI - I sometimes mail hard copies to Paul's Grama/Grampa so they are getting to know you through your blog. Love, Sally