Tuesday, March 13, 2007


is the day for some personal renovation. march 14th marks the day that i chose weeks ago that i would begin to get back on track with my body. honestly, i am the heaviest i have ever been and more than ever feel out of shape. it's not about numbers on a scale or the numbers that are in the clothes, but about taking care of myself. i continue to treat my body like a trash bin instead of like a temple as God desires. so, in the morning i am going to get myself out of bed at 6am to step on my scale then head to the gym which is only a 4 minute commute from my front door. if nothing else i will walk for at least 30 minutes.......just simple walking. the biggest obstacle will be getting out of bed. i figure if i can get over that hump, i am half way there. i am also planning on eating appropriate portions, journaling what i eat, making a concerted effort to eat healthier and make better choices. i have got to take the bull by the horns if i am going to make the change. i don't want to know that i could have prevented disease by simply taking better care of myself. so here is where i ask for prayer. i know this is not going to be easy. i KNOW that i CAN do this i just have to be simple about it. nothing too radical or crazy. baby steps to a healthier me. i believe in the power of prayer so i hope that you would join me on this journey. thanks!


Diana Foster said...

Glad that you got back ok. I will pray for you and at bible study tomorrow I will add you to the prayer list. Enjoyed our phone call. Lots of love, Mom

Sally said...

Dear Lord, Please give Mandy strength and courage, as she seeks to make healthy changes, and patience to continue this walk with you. Amen
Love you,