Sunday, March 04, 2007

raining, dreary sunday

today i wanted to go to church, but didn't. i did not sleep really well last night and i also had to prepare for the sub which will be in my class for 4 days while i am away in hong kong. so i tried to get some extra sleep by changing the venue to my couch. it worked a little, but not really well. i ate lunch and then headed up to school to work on my lesson plans.

today the weather has just been dreary. when i went up to school it was not really raining just kind of wet feeling. i took the umbrella just in case though. as i typed and jammed out to the fray i noticed the small droplets of water dangling from the tree branch outside my room. i was wishing i had my camera. the weather turned grayer as i worked and it started to rain officially. i finished up and made my way home. it is now just dripping and raining slowly. the wind is blowing just enough to make the wind chimes clang together steadily. i got home and the bottom part of my pants are wet and my shoes are sprinkled with lots of water drops. i like this weather as long as i am inside. it really reminds me of those wet texas days. i left the door open so i can hear the rain and then came inside to open the window near the table. as i sit here i hear a constant drip of water from the end of the building, birds chirping, distant banging from construction, and the wind occasionally blow the branches. it is nice. i have not turned on any lights just sit in the light from the window in front of my computer. sam and india seem intrigued by the noises from outside as they have both been sitting in front of the open window peering outside. they are so interesting to watch. i often wish i knew what they were thinking. oh, the life of a cat. india is constantly snapping her head left and right, something has caught her eye as she sits and listens. she thens relaxes and stretches out. the wind is cool and crisp. it is nice although does make me want a nice old fashioned quilt. on days like these i wish i could curl up on a deep, southern style front porch on a swing or some big comfy hammock with a heavy, old school quilt. mmmm.......a nice cup of coffee with some warm homemade biscuits. i would even be thrilled with a bowl of chili and some steaming sweet cornbread. these are times that i miss home and the things that i took for granted when i lived there.

i think i might go make some decaf coffee and enjoy some shortbread cookies. i am almost tempted to move my couch or chair closer to the window so i can curl up near nature.

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