Thursday, March 29, 2007

i miss target

the afternoon was spent hanging out at the bacio cafe in san mateo. i blogged, snacked, made phone calls, and watched the newest episode of grey's anatomy. it was a great day! i also took the train to millbrae where i transferred to BART (bay area rapid transit). it is kind of subwayesque but more like an airport tram feel. i took BART to san bruno where the station is attached to a small mall. woo hoo! a mall that has target and a barnes and noble! i shopped target......walking down almost every aisle. the obvious ones i knew i would not need anything i did not bother with. i got some major treats and toys for the kitties. they are going to love their mommy! i am so excited about giving them their presents. when i went to hong kong i brought them some cat treats too. i also got some other goodies for my little friends in korea. :) not to mention goodies for me such as a bix of hot tamales, travel size toothpaste as i am low, some shout wipes, and some cute little hair clippies for my oh so short hair. :) then i went to victoria's secret.....need to restock. paul met me at the mall and we had dinner at this place called fresh choice which is similiar to sweet tomatoes. i ate lots of salad and had some yummy bread. :) paul and i went back to target for some last minute purchases and then made our way to one of my favorite kinds of stores.....yes, barnes & noble. i checked out the kids section kind of since i was in a hurry. i looked in the christianity section too, but no luck for what i was looking for. i did buy a teacher book.........strategies that work: teaching comprehension to enhance understanding. one of my five must have books as a teacher....incredible book on teaching kids how to understand what they read.

now paul and i are sitting in the 24 hour starbucks in san bruno. he is working and i am playing. i have checked out many friend's blogs today and also checked out other sites i wanted to. fun times! :)

only 2 and a half more days in cali before returning to korea..............................

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