Monday, March 26, 2007

sunday........more exploring....

today we had to start early as we were checking out of the first hotel. the first two nights we stayed in the city of san francisco so that we could have easy access to all the sights in SF. after we checked out we walked down to the area known as union square where all the fun shops are. we decided to have japanese today at a place called "sushi boat". it was interesting as the conveyor belt that took stuff around was a water moat that has wooden boats floating in it that carried sushi. the food was not that great, but sometimes you win, sometimes you don't. :)

after lunch we went on a hunt for a stop for bus #76 that drives over the golden gate bridge. we found the stop and i peeped in a great show store that had tons of "my kind" of shoes---all kind of granola and comfortable---dansko, birk, ecco, etc. paul was on watch out for the bus. the bus came so we crossed the street to catch it. we rode the bus for the next hour and 15 minutes. it took us through parts of town we had not been to and then over the golden gate bridge. i took a few pics, but the fog was pretty heavy today so we could not really see the top parts of the bridge. it was nice ride and a great way to see the bridge. after the bus trip we got a cup of coffee at peet's, this place is all over san francisco.

more shopping after coffee as i wanted to try on these cute clarks brown dress shoes i liked at christmas. i have been thinking about them since. we walked down to the store, i walked in tried them on, and decided that they were cute, but not "got to have them" $75 cute. i couldn't believe that i am really not being so impulsive with shopping. it feels weird sometimes, but i like the new shopping thinking i am having.

we made our way back to the hotel to pick up the car and head further south to the area where paul lives, works, and hangs out. we started in san mateo. paul took me by his house and showed me his room. he then took me by his office building where he works. then we drove into the downtown san mateo area which is really fun. we ate lunch at subway and then walked around. my first impression was "this is kind of like rice village". it was awesome! we walked in a couple of stores and paul showed me all the sushi places he has tried and then pointed out the ones he still has to try. we went into a grovery store called draeger's which is a mix between a whole foods, central market, and regular store. it was fun and i tortured paul by walking up and down each aisle. :) then we walked around san mateo some more checking out this and that. then paul took me through burlingame which is totally awesome! paul is so cute......he was asking me every few minutes if i liked the area and if i could live there. it was fun! we ended up in the next town called millbrae and this is where he will be living with jason and rebecca. san bruno was next and this is where we are staying for tonight and moving into burlingame tomorrow.

i am having a blast so far! california is really great and spending time with paul is the best! tomorrow he goes to work and i get to play in and exploring!

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