Sunday, March 25, 2007

spring break!!!!

yeah i am officially on spring break! i walked down the hill just after 4pm to catch the bus to the airport. i got all checked in and such. my backpack only weighed 11.6kg and i was quite proud of this! everyone at school kept saying, "gosh, is that all you are taking?" i have become a lighter packer since living in korea. it is fun! i had a sandwich that i made at home and just got to hang out before my flight. i used in the internet in the internet zone of the airport before leaving too. then i walked to the gate. on my way there i saw this mob of people around a young, goodlooking guy who was also walking with the armed guards from the airport. i had no idea who the guy was even though he was american. i asked someone nearby and they replied, "prison breaka." then i knew.....the star from prison break. earlier in the week i had read in the paper that he was going to be in seoul shooting promos for a company called bean pole, which is a fashion store. it was funny how people were gawking. definitely made me smile. :)

the flight to LA was fine. the food was ok. i slept most of the way. it was really great that i was able to sleep. i arrived in LA to go through immigration, customs and then find my gate. once at the gate i learned that my plane would be delayed almost 2 hours...........yuck! at this point all i wanted was to be there and off planes. i got some mcdonald's and sat down to log into the internet while i patiently waited for the plane. we boarded around 6:45ish and did not depart until 7:30. originally the flight was supposed to take off at 5pm. ugh! i was able to get in some more sleeping though on the short 1.5 hour flight from LA to san fran which was ok with me. i walked to the baggage claim and paul met me. good to see him! we went to wait for my bag which was one the last bags to come out on the wrong carousel. too funny, but understandable since there were 3 flights to san fran all about the same time. at that point i did not care i just wanted my luggage. we drove to the hotel and then went to get some dinner. we are staying in san francisco city which is really fun! we had dinner at this little diner not from where we are staying. it was called "grubstake" and the food was yummy. they have all the american fare and then a small section of portugese food. it was lively and fun. i had a philly cheese steak sandwich with french fries and it was delicious! paul had an omelet for dinner.

all in all, i am glad to be here. today after much rest we are going out to explore the city! :)

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