Tuesday, March 20, 2007

only 3.....

more days until i leave for san francisco! woo hoo! today was a good day.....my kids and i had a great math lesson which is always nice. we are currently studying fractions and today my kids were learning to add fractions with like denominators. it is funny how 4th grade math makes more sense to me now than it ever did when i was in the 4th grade. all i remember about math in school was struggling. i think that is partly why i enjoy teaching math to my kids especially the ones who struggle. i love to find ways for whatever we are learning to make sense. it is really a joy to see the lightbulb come on or even when it flickers can be quite the treat.

we are also studying poetry and writing it too at the moment. i love writing with my kids. it is lots of fun and they seem to be enjoying it as well. today i also incorporated some of the movement activities that i learned about in hong kong.

this evening i came over to my friends the mills' to watch their children---arthur, isaac, and florence. they are such a joy to play with and watch. they are always happy to see me and we have lots of fun when i am with them. today we played some rat-a-tat cat which is a game i got for christmas that they love. bedtime snack was followed by teeth brushing and bedtime stories. so fun! then i taught arthur how to play farkle! yeah!

i am glad tomorrow is wednesday for many reasons. reasons i am happy about tomorrow: the week is half over, i am one day closer to leaving for san francisco, and it is E day at school. E day has many specials and i try hard to be really productive on E days because my kids are out of the room so much. :) i also have to get on the scale in the morning............i suppose that is a pro and a con of tomorrow, but i am going to stay positive about it. :)

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Kelly said...

keeping my fingers crossed for your scale date! Or as you used to always say, the happy box!
You are so good with your kids, I love hearing how you talk about them, your love for them always shines through! What is E day? Don't forget I have weigh-in on wednesday, too, so keep your fingers crossed for me! ;)
love ya,