Monday, March 19, 2007

friday night.......

on the last blog i mentioned friday night but did not go into much detail as i feel it deserves an entry all on its own. so we are in the middle of this major fundraising effort for a TB care center in north korea. all the divisions are working together to raise money.

friday was the green scene coffeehouse for the SFS staff and families. some people chose to perform and/or read poetry and others like me just went, enjoyed coffee, snacks and great entertainment. the donation was only 5,000 won and that got you a cup of java. the snacks were donation too. i was in awe of how much talent there is on campus. many people sang and played instruments. it was really amazing. through out the beginning i sat in my chair wishing that i too could be musically inclined. then i remembered back to my journal entry that i read at the well easter service after the six week series on the door. the thoughts started racing through my mind. i am constantly struggling with how i can use my creativity to glorify God when i don't play anything. then i decided i had to focus on what i CAN do. i CAN do art and use my words to be creative. i wished i had my journal entry with me. then it came to me----words for a poem based on the journal entry i read. crazy stuff. my heart was pounding and i got really excited. at the end the folks in charge said that anyone who wanted could share. sure enough i had written a poem on the back of the program and another sheet of paper. it is definitely a work in progress, but also liberating to me to know that i can be creative in ways other than music. i can share my story with others through a creative media. i have really liked journaling and writing lately. so through my images and words i can share my story, glorify God and connect with others. yeah! i love feeling this way when i have sorted out stuff in my head. it is a release!

here is the poem i wrote:

The Door

each one holds a story

no one knows just what

only the door knows

dings, cracks, scratches

all a part of the story

each one represents an experience or memory

only the door knows

paint, hardware, putty, more paint

cover up the past

a new face for the world to see

only the door knows

what is it hiding?

covering up?

not sharing?

only the door knows

a story much bigger

deeper and emotional

only the door knows

what is it?

sin, abuse, addiction

pain, fear, loneliness

only the door knows

sand, scrape, strip

bare the layers

peel them all back

make vulnerable

only the door knows



God does heal

only the door knows

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Sally said...

Oh my...what a beautiful poem. What a talented gal you are!