Monday, March 31, 2008


many people say to me, "gosh you are so organized." i know that i am good at keeping stuff in piles and being somewhat chaotically organized, but times like this one are the ones that frustrate me. i can keep up with all sorts of miscellaneous stuff, but when it comes to major papers (2006 tax stuff) i cannot seem to do it. is the right side of my brain selective in what it keeps up with? at the end of january i had the same issue as i had to finally file the stinkin' thing. i searched the apartment up and down. i finally found it after many hours and papers gone through. i took the time then to organize and purge, clean and sort. now, here i am just mere months later back in square one. i am looking furiously for the tax papers. i know for a fact that i copied them before mailing them to austin. i vividly remember standing at the machine making all the copies of the multiple pages i had to complete since i am overseas. the question now is what did i do with them after that? i feel certain that i jammed them into my bag to come home, but did i? are they lost in the wild abyss of school papers that i never seem to get to the bottom of? are they hiding somewhere in the apartment amongst the now organized papers that i have already been through at least four times? can i appear organized to the folks around me? i was thinking today how i do seem to be a little ampidexterious when it comes to my brain....boy, was i a little ahead of myself. ugh.......the endless battle with me.

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