Wednesday, March 05, 2008

mayan mochas are alive!!!

christmas in 2006 paul bought me two bags of the mayan mocha mix from diedrich's coffee. the mayan mocha at diedrich's is my favorite drink and he wanted me to be able to have them here in korea. he and the man who sold it to him went round and round as they do not sell the mix. paul did his magic and the guy finally said yes to him.

after arriving back in korea i tried mixing the mix with coffee from my coffee maker, but it was not the same. no matter what combination i tried. so i put the mayan mocha ideas on the shelf for then.

this school year we got a new cafeteria that also has a coffee shop in it. wow! after getting coffees there for a while.....i had an idea. basically the mayan mocha is a latte with this "magic" mix added to it. so one friday morning i put a tablespoon on mix into a container and took it to school. before going down for coffee i put the mix into my starbucks reuseable mug. my insides were twisting and turning with excitement. will it work? down the stairs i went and into the coffee shop. i ordered a lowfat latte and handed the cup over to the sweet lady who works there. she mixed in the shots and then the milk. i paid and walked through the cafeteria. i was nervous........was it going to work? was the mayan mocha going to have a "rebirth" in my little world here in korea? i took a sip and down the hatch it went..............................WOW! it worked. i smiled ear to ear as i made my way back to my classroom that friday morning. it was the happiest moment of the day. i could not believe it. i sipped the coffee and came into my happy place. it was the best moment!

since that inaugural day i have a "mayan mocha" each morning. i take the one tablespoon of mix to school in a container for my cup. usually when my kids go off to the their first special or during first recess, i make my way down to the coffee shop to get my cup of happiness. the lady behind the counter knows me now and we greet and smile at each other. then she makes my drink and i am grinning when complete. it is just a small part of my day that makes me so happy.

mmmmmm..........mayan mochas are my favorite!

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