Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Lunar Holiday in Beijing, China

we were off again---this time to china. we left tuesday night and returned on sunday mid-day. it was a great trip and we saw many of the things to see in China.

we went to tianamen square, wangfujing street (famous for crazy snack foods), the forbidden city, walked around an area called houhai, went chair skating on an iced over pond, attempted to shop with no luch b.c many places were closed, walked on the great wall at mutianyu, took the toboggin sled down from the top of the wall, and ate lots of food at many different places. it was awesome!

foods paul tried---scorpions on a stick, two different meats from an ox, goose tongue, ginger coke (served hot in a teapot) and random meats on a stick.

we both tried candied fruit on a stick--first one was strawberries and the second one was crab apples.

the fireworks in china are crazy loud. if i would not have known i thought we were holidaying in a war torn country. it was scary at times. really scary and loud.

the bed in our hotel was REALLY hard and had occasional bumps from the frame. it was strange.

bejing was under construction in many places in preparation for the olympics. it was also a major holiday too which made many places closed. we had a good time and were able to check off the things we wanted to see on the list.

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