Saturday, March 29, 2008

spring break....

the holiday is coming to its final days. i sit here and reflect on the time off that i have had and what i have done. i stretched myself out of my comfort zone to try live octopus and really fresh raw fish. the experience was good and yes, i would do it again. i rested and relaxed. i also got a massage and a pedicure for some personal pampering. i spent time with friends and slept in a lot. i ate lunch with paul and explored insadong. we had dumplings with friends and then explored a new area. i tried some really good doughnuts. i also found a new art store. i went shopping and laughed. i stayed home all day in my pajamas and made crock pot lasagna. we watched batttlestar and i bought some new movies. i sampled beer while shopping in the store and did some people watching. i cuddled with the kitties and ate cornbread with butter and honey.

all in all the break has been a good mixture of many things. i am rested and relaxed.

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