Saturday, March 22, 2008

seattle fish market eat your heart out

it's spring break for the teachers at sfs and we were out to have an adventure. paul, vicki, and i went to the seoul fish market across town. paul had been doing some research on eating fresh fish and other seafood at this market. basically, you pick out what fish you want, they kill it, fillet and clean it, and then the restaurant lady comes to take you to lunch. crazy! it was so fun to walk around and see all the crazy seafood. we chose to have some fish (not sure what kind), octopus, and some sting ray. all not cooked.....yes, raw. at first i was going to just take pictures and document the experience for vicki and paul, but i changed my mind. have a look.....

we had no idea what these are, but lots of people were "shelling" them and cleaning them

giant crabs waiting to be bought

medium octopi swimming in their bucket

very large octopi

this guy is trying to put the live octopus in a plastic bag and it was not being cooperative at all

sharks....i was surprised their skin was so dull looking

this huge tree trunk that they use as a cutting board....i thought they were cool

here i am for some size reference

octopus head

the fish guy showing vicki his goods of live octopus

our lunch is the one on the left which the guy hit over the head with his stick

lunch being prepared......

paul and vicki surpervising our fish

he is filleting and taking off the skin

the tank with the octopus we had for lunch

the lady getting out our three octopi for lunch

our fish prepared for lunch---raw

fresh raw sting ray....not as good as they thought it would be

our octopi for lunch----cut up, raw, and in sesame oil

vicki eating her bit of octopus

paul enjoying his raw fish

yep! i did it! i ate live octopus!

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