Sunday, October 08, 2006


another chunk of time has passed me by and i realized that i have not posted. sorry! i know who my avid readers are since they are emailing me wondering if i forgot about the blog or something! :) i appreciate the accountability and the reassurance that someone is reading about my life......even as boring as it may seem. i also realize that i have yet to post more photos........i know it has been over a month now that i have been promising to post all the photos i have taken. forgive me!

since i last posted i have had my kids participate in a farmer's dance on the field, moved classrooms, witnessed my students squeal with delight at the site of our empty new room, listened to beethoven's violin concerto in D major and bruckner's symphony no. 7 in E major by the kbs symphony orchestra with guest violionist vadim repin, hiked around a bamboo forest, rubbed elbows with intangilble culture property, heard more traditional korean music, taken lots of photos, been to a couple of inservices and worked hard in my classroom to sort it out, had an acupuncture treatment, spent 90% of the last four days in my pajamas being a bum around my house resting, watched more friends and scrubs, cuddled with sam and india, had a manicure and a pedicure, been homesick, had a few starbucks, went to church, made a commitment to not be such a wimp about going to my small group with church, made dinner for the first time in my apartment and had jamie over to share it with me, had another acupuncture treatment, and played with the mills' kids and managed to get shot with a water gun in the process!

now i am just sitting here updating my blog..........reflecting on the holiday and the past few months here in korea, my new home. realizing that i am really far away from my first home, family, and friends. i am realizing just how much each one of the people in my life mean to me.....even though i may not see all of them all the time or even on a regular basis........being 7,047 miles away from any of them makes my heart feel sad. just yesterday as i walked back from the nail place i asked God to make it really clear as to why i am here in korea. i know that there is a purpose for me here even though some days i wonder. i asked Him to comfort my homesickness and to fill me up with Him when i long for and miss my family and friends. i asked God to show me how to be strong in this new place of growth even when it feels impossible. i am learning quickly that i have to lean on Him.


Diana Foster said...

Thanks for the up date. Yes , Even though it takes time, It is important to feel connected.This a way that we stay connected to you. You are doing something imortant to you and for others. It really seems that you are doing a good job. It is great that you just bummed around. Looking forward to seeing u in Dec.
Mis you lots but dec 16th is just a mear 7 weeks away.
Love, Mom

FantastiKelly said...

you've been a busy lady! I'm so excited for your new classroom and new location. I'm also jealous of teh shopping fun you've been having! ;) Know that we miss you bunches and are anxiously awaiting your return!

love you lots!!!