Saturday, October 28, 2006

the rest of Korea Week....

i am just realizing it is over. it was a really long week! thursday we got to make Korean kites which was really intricate. Later that afternoon we learned how to play the instruments for the Farmer's Dance which saw a performance of on Tuesday. That was REALLY loud....small music room, lots of banging instruments......whew my ears were ringing. At the end of the day we watched a Taekwondo demstration which was cool......lots of board breaking. It was fun to watch and the kids really liked it. Friday was fun as most of the kids were hanboks (traditional Korean clothing), Taekwondo uniforms, or some sort of Korea flare. I told some boys that they should wear their Korea jerseys. It was fun. We took an entire elementary school picture on Friday morning in the Korean gear. It was really cool. After lunch we went to the gym for Korean snacks, games, and activities. Good times were had by all. I was completely wiped from the week as report cards were also due on Thursday morning. I came home on Friday afternoon and crashed major on my couch. I was totally drained. :)

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