Sunday, October 29, 2006

the weekend.....

it seems every sunday i sit in amazement that another weekend has flown by and i am not quite sure if i am ready to begin the next week. saturday i took it easy.......i went to toy alley near one of the markets with helen. we are co-hosting bonfire night (a UK holiday) this upcoming saturday so went to toy alley to purchase fireworks for the event. it should be fun even though i am a little clueless as to the purpose of the day. bonfire, fireworks, pumpkin soup, and smores......what more can i ask for? here is a link to more information about this UK holiday--

i got a cool "running around town" backpack in toy alley which was my big purchase for the day!

after the morning trip i felt a bit worn out and my throat hurt......again! i am really tired of the sore throat business. i called suzy and she went with me down the hill to an acupuncturist that one my student's parents recommended. his office is an actual oriental medical clinic. dr. moon speaks good english and was able to help me out all for a mere 4,500 won......yes that is only about 5 US bucks!!! WILD! i love this place when it comes to this kind of stuff. i will definitely go back. :) then we headed to sahruga, the local grocery store. suzy needed some things and i went along for the ride. she did help me make a sahruga card (the korean version of the kroger card) the only difference is with this card you earn points or something. neither one of us is real sure what it does exactly, but now we have one. :) my favorite item lately is the dark purple korean grapes! they are absolutely yummy! i worry when i move back to the states that i won't be able to have them any more. :( at christmas i am going to ko-mart on gessner and see what i can come up with there. i also want to check on some other items that i have become accustomed to. :) KOREAN GRAPES RULE!!! i also like cappuccino milk.....only in korea can i find the goodness. coffee in a can is also on my shopping list regularly.........not the best solo, but makes a great morning mixer with milk for a little latte action. the coffee in a can is chilled so it makes for a good morning wake up drink.

suzy also got us some street food for dinner----mandu, kimchi mandu, and the other stuff she likes a lot that comes with liver. i ate the mandu and left the sausage looking stuff that is boiled in pig's blood to her with her livery stuff too. interesting the things my friends eat! we managed our way home and ate dinner and had good time together chatting and conversing about the latest mental thoughts we had. we "window-shopped" online......she showed me her favs in the UK and i told her mine. then i gave her the picture tour of pics i have on my computer from home. it was fun!

today, after not sleeping well due to the throat action, i got up and went to church............throat still killer painful! thank goodness for some halls throat lozenges that i packed with me. we went to starbucks as usual.....i contemplated if i should get a warm drink or not since i had already had a cup of tea at my apartment that did not really help out that much. church was different today.....we had a missionary from china visiting and he preached on evangelism. a bit old style korean preaching from what suzy said and it did not do a thing for me. instead i read through acts.....starting with chapter 10 which is where the sermon was from. i just kept reading and making notes for myself. good stuff though! i had church in my head i guess. after we got these chicken on a stick deals in the church patio area.....they are yummy! then yes as always i got some hotteok before walking to the subway! good times! i love sundays! :) they rock! we made our way back to our side of town and made a pit stop in edae for some afternoon shopping. i just tagged along as i don't find anything here that fits me. jamie, wyatt, and suzy all made purchases......i just people watched. it was interesting to say the least.....always great people watching here in seoul. the fashion in itself is worth the varies greatly and makes you wonder what they were thinking before they left the house, but somehow have managed to make it look good.

i snapped pics on the walk home of the changing colors of trees on yonsei university. check out the new should have received an email about the new picture location. if you did not email me asap so i can clue in on how to get there so you can see all the pics that you have anxiously been waiting on for the last two months...........

i came home, drank more tea, and have been doing lots of nothing since. suzy came by to hang out and wanted me to help her set up her skype account. i updated addresses and other random stuff. i worked on my kids scholastic book order and attempted to pay bills, but all the companies are updating their web sites today so i have to wait until tomorrow.

this week should be an easier week......back to normal for the most part. i have parent conferences beginning thursday evening and all day friday. i would ask for prayers for this. the parental situation here is completely different than back home. i am praying that all will go well and there is no major issues.

19 days until katie arrives here in far east asia to visit
25 days until thanksgiving....yes, we are having a proper dinner with turkey
48 days until i am home for the christmas holiday in texas
59 more days until paul and i are dating one whole time flies

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FantastiKelly said...

Guess what!? I went to a Guy Fawkes party, too! There was no bonfire as it was in a high-rise apartment in D.C. but it was hosted by a couple of Lori's friends from the U.K.