Tuesday, October 10, 2006


the word o' the day! pray for patience and understanding. today was a discouraging and frustrating day. no one reason, but i just felt really mentally drained when i came home from school today. i am hoping that this feeling is temporary and will pass soon. i also have still not been sleeping well which is a bit frustrating as well. as most of you know i love to sleep and the fact that it has been good is really bugging. i also have not really felt healthy lately either. i have been having many headaches and my allergies have been flaring up also. overall i have just felt "blah". i would love to get my allergies tested here, but today i learned that it takes a long time. not sure why but that is the word from our school nurse. ok i feel like this whole blog is nothing but whining and complaining. i am trying to perk up and feel better, but lately it has been a challenge. i appreciate prayers and shout outs for me right now.

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Diana Foster said...

Maybe testing would be good even if you have to wait. Will keep you in my prayers. Will continue to pray for you.
Love, Mom