Monday, October 23, 2006


is this week at school. a week to celebrate and experience the exciting culture of Korea. it is fun. today we did not have anything planned but tomorrow brings a busy day of activities. we will watch the samulnori dance (farmer's dance). it is loud and lots of dancing around. it is fun and very invigorating. then at noon my kids have a Korean box making session. i am excited about this. on thursday we will get to make Korean kites, watch a taekwondo demonstration, and also have samulnori lessons. friday is hanbok day which is traditional clothing. i dont have one so i am not going to wear one as of now. that might change. i am going to get a taekwondo uniform before friday though and i will wear that. they are only 30,000 and i can take lessons then too. it should be a really exciting week and full of lots of excitement. :)

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Diana Foster said...

Sounds like a wonderful week. Hope that It goes well.