Friday, October 13, 2006


i am really glad it is friday so that i can rest and be a bum most of the weekend. today was a pretty normal day.....nothing wild to report. we did celebrate sydney's (one of my students) birthday today with dunkin' donuts. yummy! it was really nice to bring them for us all. after school i had swim squad and then on my way home i was stopped by the most interested event ever.

ian (a campus kid) had a praying mantis in a plastic container that he found here on campus. he claims that he has had it for about 2 weeks now. he caught a grasshopper today and fed it to the praying mantis. i have never seen a bug "go to town" on dinner. the praying mantis was muching away on the grasshopper. it was really rather intriguing actually. i went to tell my friend isaac about it so he could watch as well. :) we both sat in wonder and he explained to me that bugs are full of plants b.c that is what they eat all the time. i was asking him whether he thought the praying mantis was an herbivore or carnivore. he then went off searching for bugs to feed his pet spider. i helped him find an ant and he put it into the bug cage he has. :) florence and isaac then came over for a bit to see my house and meet sam and india. they were pretty taken by the cats. isaac even drew a picture of them for me. :) we had fun playing with them and watching them. i walked them home and played at their house for a while before coming back to have some down time at my house. i am tired and trying to rest so i can get rid of the allergy junk.

yeah that tomorrow is saturday.....................

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