Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the most amazing story....

today i went to the bookstore looking for the lonely planet for vietnam. they were sold out. as i walked around just perusing, i found this book with a picture of a handsome cat on the front. i could not resist, so i read the jacket cover and was hooked. the book is dewey: the small-town cat who touched the world by vicki myron. i left the store, rode the subway back to meet paul at the coffee shop, and opened the book while i sipped my tiramisu latte. i was hooked from page one........three hours later i am almost two thirds finished with the book and had a difficult time putting it down to eat dinner. we came home after dinner and i began packing us for vietnam. once i was at a stopping point, i went back to my book. i finished it, and yes with a few tears coming down. it is the most heartfelt story. if you are a cat lover or not, it makes for a great read. i totally recommend it. paul was quite shocked that when we went to dinner i was already over halfway through the book that is 277 pages. it would make a great Christmas present.

dewey, you are amazing!!!

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