Saturday, December 13, 2008

day #3.5

yep, i am still at home resting and trying to kick this junk out of my system. it still stinks. i did feel better yesterday a little and thought i needed to get out of the house. we went out to dinner which was fine at first, but by the end i was uncomfortable. we came home, i took some meds, watched an episode of the office with paul, and then went back to bed. the edges around my nose were raw....had no idea what to do for it. i tried some lotion, but it stung. after a while when it still would not stop i got out the neosporin and rubbed it on. voila! it did the trick. the other issue keeping up was my throat. this painful, dry feeling on the right side. it just stung with pain. nothing i could do would soothe it other than cough drops and those while sleeping don't usually work out. i took some tylenol and then some advil four hours later. i did manage to get some rest....finally. i can breathe today since the congestion is my nose is loosening up, thanks to claritin.

i am hoping to be better by tomorrow. paul and i really want to go to cirque du soleil. it opened in october and we still have not managed to get to the show. we plan to go early since i seem to feel better then. i am going to stuff my pockets with cough drops and tissues. :)

being sick sucks!

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