Friday, December 12, 2008

i am sick...

and i hate it. i think i caught a bug from my kiddos b/c they have all been or are sick these days. i woke up wednesday morning and just did not feel right. i managed to get a sub for the second part of the day, so i came home just after 11:30, ate some lunch, and then went to bed. i woke up around 4ish and felt bad. i took my temperature and had a low fever. i took some tylenol and made the call for a sub on thursday. i have slept pretty much the entire time i have been home. i missed an art opening that i have been waiting weeks to go to, and i am also sick on paul's birthday. it is now 2:28am on friday morning and i still feel bad. my throat is sore and my head is now congested. ugh. i want to go to school to be with my kiddos, but i just don't think i can or should. ugh. what a way to begin the holidays?!?! i also want to be better before tuesday when we leave for vietnam.

i hate being sick.

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